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What you should know about us...

Name of the company:
PP Project Event Organizer Ltd.

Year of establishment:

Seat and billing address:
1131 Budapest, Unoka str. 62.

The company’s registration number:

Contact information:
Premise: GastroArt - Electrolux cooking experience/1061 Budapest, Király str. 8-10. I/34.
Telephone: +36 30 709 3330
e-mail: info@gastroart.hu

You, dear reader, may consider, what could these two words mean? This is a brand, which means everything in the BTL area, what has something to do with creativity, to think in a unique system, and to the high quality implementation, which is still rear in this country. This all is linked to Mr. Péter Pongrácz. But who is he, and what is his persuasion about this?

„The more than a thousand successful events and Projects which I supervised and took actively part in their creation from the concept writing till the last guest left the venue, could made me superficial regarding all new and challenging tasks. But I am finding joy in constitution and I do believe that to keep this in high quality level is art, no matter how temporal the material is what I am working with!”

What we offer means equally the same to all our future and existing customers can be expressed with one word: security

It could be strange for you that we are not trying to attract your attention immediately to our several different services or to what is also true in both cases events and campaigns to our „Full services”, because we believe that the main service a customer can expect from its agency is the ability of solving all kind of situations and issues, that is to be sure, you found the perfect person. Of course this must be provided on an optimal and the most reasonable price in the actual situation.

This is what we offer for you!

And of course the opportunity, to be part of a real creative process as we believe, that a successful Project could only come true through the conversation and the respect of two equal partner.

Our working method

Who we work with

We try to fulfil all the requests of our subscribers, but our possibilities are not unlimited so, for a fluent cooperation we created a timing and process of work:

1. Brief
2. Rebrief
2. Koncepció benyújtása
3. Presentation of the concept
4. Acceptation of the concept
5. Quotation
6. Contract
7. Preparation of the Project
8. To carry out the Project
9. Payment

Naturally we use this process only in Project which need a significant amount of organising work, in case we are asked to create the concept too.

Of course there are other cases, when we only have to take part in a Project: to create creative or subtasks, or to transact an existing Project. In these cases our company takes everything into consideration and creates a special timing.

Our high standard activity is realized with close cooperation with the following subcontractors, who mean guarantee and unfailing background to our Projects:

Catering - Cream Party Service
Sound and light technologies: Klemm Concert Technologies Ltd., Smash Production
Scene building: HB Studio Ltd.
Flower decoration: Klein & Gyömro Ltd.
Plant decoration: Oázis Ltd.
Graphic design: Tangram-Zim Ltd.
Typographic work: Typonova Ltd.
Projection: Panorama – Motion Ltd.